At the San Francisco Museum of Art, an abstract gets close scrutiny.

About Ami

19. will not question anything. needs to learn how to question everything. dark featured. hands soft with long fingers. strong legs that are not used enough. loves the rain. needs the rain. craves blue skies. believes in summer showers. hopes, hopes, hopes. belly soft and worn like leather. a necklace with an elephant. always worn. she is always thirsty. drinks green tea religiously. almost convinced she is immortal. craves the ocean. needs to be submerged. feels nothing until she feels everything. constant vibrations. always missing something. cannot talk about things that concern the heart. doesn’t know, doesn’t know. dreams of flying, of finding new ways to breathe. climbs into things and sees what she displaces. always displaces too much. hello, hi. voice soft, comforting to others. let her climb and disappear. give her ropes and attach them to cloud places. solitary creature with unsolitary habits. if you peeled her away you would find a broken watch, stained old pictures. if you peeled her away you would find a pulpy mass. clean hands before using. be careful not to drop. be careful.

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